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New Generative QnA Template solution

March 26th 2024, 10:56:03 am

We are happy to announce a new version of our Generative QnA Template. This version of the Generative QnA Template comes with the following:

  • Updated API endpoints
  • Support Hybrid Search and Semantic Ranker
  • Minor fixes and improvements

You can find the Getting Started with Generative AI page here: Generative AI with Teneo | Teneo Developers

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Teneo Web Chat 3.7.11

March 21st 2024, 11:34:23 am

We have just released version 3.7.11

This release includes:

  • TTS/ASR with WebspeechAPI integration.
  • CSS refactoring
  • Bug fixes reported by our community.
Teneo.Ai - Transforming every phone call to a love story with your brand

Teneo Web Chat Version 3.7.11 is Here!  - Teneo.ai

We're excited to share the latest release of Teneo Web Chat - ...

You can find the latest release of Teneo Web Chat on GitHub Release Release V.3.7.11 · artificialsolutions/teneo-web-chat · GitHub and the latest documentation on teneo.ai : Teneo Web Chat .

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Teneo 7.4 – Introducing Teneo Studio Copilot

February 8th 2024, 11:48:47 am

We are excited to introduce the brand new Teneo 7.4, now together with Generative AI – Copilot features. Our innovative Copilot features empower developers to generate new entries in Entities, Training, and Test examples for Classes. Effortlessly create new entries and responses using Copilot’s user-friendly interface, speeding up your workflow and enhancing your development skills.

Read more here: Teneo 7.4 Release: Elevate Development with Generative AI...
Release notes: Teneo 7.4 | Reference documentation | Teneo Developers

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Teneo Web Chat 3.7.10

December 18th 2023, 4:26:18 pm

Webinar: Conversations Created: Generative AI's Role in Tomorrow's Dialogues

October 27th 2023, 8:16:49 am

Join us for a groundbreaking webinar where the worlds of conversational and generative AI collide! With insights from Sarah Rojewski (Telefónica), Christoph Börner (Cyara), and Joel Plazzotta (Teneo.ai), we’re about to embark on a journey into tomorrow’s dialogues.

:mag: What’s in Store?

  • Telefónica Germany’s vision on reshaping customer interactions with generative AI :globe_with_meridians:
  • The highs and lows of Generative AI: From challenges to tech triumphs :roller_coaster:
  • A sneak peek into the future of Generative Conversational AI :flying_saucer:

:date: Date & Time: Nov 07, 2023, 3:30pm CET
:pushpin: Register today to secure your spot:


Conversations Created: Generative AI's Role in Tomorrow's Dialogues

In a world where technology is rapidly evolving, the fusion of conversational and generative AI is shaping a new horizon for businesses and consumers alike. This exciting subject is the topic of this groundbreaking webinar that brings together the...

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Teneo Web Chat 3.7.9

October 6th 2023, 2:13:26 pm

Teneo x Generative AI Sessions

October 6th 2023, 1:25:40 pm

Teneo x Generative AI Sessions

We’re excited to introduce Teneo GenerativeQnA: A new sample solution that enables you to use Teneo and Large Language Models to answer FAQs from documents and the web. To dig deeper into this feature, we’ve prepared two sessions (see below!)

Office Hours: Teneo Generative QnA in action - an introduction to LLM-powered knowledgebase search in Teneo
In this session we will explore how Generative AI sets you up to give correct and controlled answers by connecting the LLM to your own documents or website and hereby ring-fencing the information that is used to generate the responses of the LLM. This session is directed at Business Users, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Analysts and other non-developers who want to learn more about the possibilities of Generative AI in an enterprise perspective.Click here to register.

Workshop for Teneo Developers: Get hands on with Teneo Generative QnA
We’re also hosting a hands-on Workshop created for Teneo Developers in which we will guide you into how to implement this in a real solution by setting up Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to ground and have greater control on LLM outputs. We are hosting this event free of charge for our customer and it has a limited number of seats. Please let us know if you’re interested in joining but can’t make it. Click here to register.

See you there!

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New version of Power BI connector

October 5th 2023, 7:55:21 am

We are happy to announce our latest updates for Teneo.ai,

This time its a new version for our Power BI connectors. This release updates compatibility to Teneo 7.3.0. In addition, queries with the prefix ‘d’ (distribute) are now supported in Power BI.

More on the connectors can be found here: Microsoft Power BI Desktop | Teneo Developers

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A new Teneo Version 7.3.0

September 28th 2023, 2:53:13 pm

We are excited to announce the release of Teneo 7.3 on Developers. From today, you’re able to access the latest feature updates and enhancements that we have made on Teneo. Highlights include:

Teneo Generative QnA

Teneo 7.3 makes it easier than ever to combine OpenAI services with the power of Teneo and deliver your Teneo Generative QnA. You are in control when building applications that generates answers using Large Language Models (LLMs) from a custom-controlled source of information.

Native CLU

Teneo brings Microsoft’s Conversational Language Understanding (CLU) even closer to Studio developers with the possibility to create and maintain CLU intent models directly in Teneo Studio.

Release notes can be found here - Teneo 7.3 | Reference documentation | Teneo Developers

In addition a number of pages has been updated:

Generative AI


Reference documentation

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Learning Journeys - New Online Training Resources

September 21st 2023, 11:40:47 am

One of the ways our Teneo Developers can learn how to make the most of our platform is via self-learning through our Learning Journeys. Today we are happy to announce that our Learning Journeys have seen the light on Teneo Developers.

The developer can go on three journeys:

Teneo Developer Learning Journeys

  • Take off: A Bird’s Eye View of Teneo
    – A high-level introduction to the Teneo Platform and the development cycle
  • Feathered Foundations: Teneo Fundamentals
    – Setting the ground for building conversational experiences with Teneo
  • Avian Ascend: Advanced Teneo Techniques
    – Build, deploy and improve sophisticated conversational applications, on any channel, in any language

You can find all the learning journeys here: Learning Journeys

The journeys are based on our already existing content on Teneo Developers, and the learner is guided through the content in a structured and progressive way, making sure that the knowledge about Conversational AI and Teneo is gradually built up.

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Teneo Web Chat 3.7.8

July 14th 2023, 8:28:45 am

OpenQuestion - New Version Available

July 5th 2023, 1:27:21 pm

We’re happy to announce a new version of OpenQuestion.

This new release includes the following new features:

  • Amazon Connect is now available and ready to be integrated to the Base Solution
  • GPT: Use GPT for queue classification
  • New flows for handling Authentication in the Base Solution
  • New methods for customizing the handover reason to the agent
  • New Dashboard analysis for classifying calls and controlling GPT Usage
  • And more…

If you already were implementing OpenQuestion or playing around with the Base Solution, make sure to go through the new Release Notes to see what has changed.

If you want to learn more about OpenQuestion and these new use cases, please fill this form so that we can provide access to OpenQuestion’s documentation and implementation site.

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Google DialogFlow & Amazon Lex

June 30th 2023, 2:27:20 pm

Amazon Connect 1.1

June 29th 2023, 9:58:29 am

We are happy to announce our first Iteration of the Amazon Connect Connector.
It includes the features from version 1, but…

  • It’s refined as a wrapper so you just can “plug and play” with our Open Question Solution.
  • Cleaner interface to enhance usability and reduce clutter.
  • Optimized codebase, resulting in a leaner and more efficient connector.
  • We’ve revamped our guides, tutorials, and support materials to provide clearer explanations, and step-by-step instructions, with a better understanding of the connector.

You can find the page on Amazon Connect here: Amazon Connect connector | Teneo Developers

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Updated Connectors: OpenAI & Microsoft Question Answering

June 16th 2023, 11:36:49 am

New Connector - Amazon Connect

June 13th 2023, 1:50:23 pm

A new version of Teneo is available

May 11th 2023, 10:10:37 am


Teneo Inquire functionality is now exposed through Teneo Studio - instead of the dedicated web frontend “Log Data Manager”. This move brings Data management closer to the data generation and consumption. Studio now exposes the Augmenters, Saved Results and Syncing.
Now as a Studio user it is possible not only to query augmented or saved data - but modify the augmenters and managed the saved data all in the same place.

Additionally, a number of user driven UX improvements have been included in this release:

  • Flow Overview is now collapsible in Desktop and Web frontends
  • Script and TLML fields in flow nodes are now expandable to full screen in Web

The continuation of Web feature roll out brings to Web:

  • Import / Export / Add Content
  • Class Manager

Finally, the studio Public API expansion continues with the inclusion of Language Objects, Entities, Folders and Library (Lexical resource) handling

You can find detailed description in the Release Notes.

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Contact Center Platforms

March 20th 2023, 2:17:27 pm

We’re excited to announce a new section in our Resource called Contact Center Platforms:

There is a wide range of possible combinations between cloud platforms, call center platforms, readily set up voice providers, and readily integrated backend systems (such as CRM platforms or ticketing systems)…

You can find more here: Contact Center Platform Connectors | Teneo Developers

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OpenAI - Teneo GPT Connector

February 17th 2023, 2:17:37 pm

Training: Teneo Deep Dive for Developers

January 26th 2023, 8:43:22 am


Training is vital to help you and your team understand how Teneo functionality can and should be applied when designing and implementing conversational AI experiences and artifacts.

In March, you have the opportunity to sign up for a shared Teneo Deep Dive Training.

The Teneo Deep Dive training is aimed at developers and other project team members who want to start working with the Teneo platform to implement a conversational AI artifact for themselves or their customers.

To sign up please contact your CS Manager or Sales Rep, or get in contact with us here: Contact Us . The deadline for sign-up is Monday February 6th.

About the course:

Using Teneo Studio, course participants build their own chatbot based on a business case. They start with simple questions, but soon progress to more advanced topics like multi-step flows, conditional logic, chatbot memory and conversation context. Participants are also introduced to the programmatic options inside the Teneo platform, e.g. adding scripts to access a web service and to add proactive behaviour to the chatbot.

At the end of the six sessions, the participants will have been through a full development cycle, from initial build, including testing and troubleshooting, to the deployment of the chatbot, and they will have been introduced to data driven optimization of the capabilities of the chatbot.

The training is highly interactive and makes continuous use of hands-on exercises, mixed with presentations and discussions.

  • Modality: Remote
  • Dates: March 7, 8, 9 & 14, 15, 16
  • Time: 8 AM to 12 PM EST / 2 PM to 6 PM CET
  • Participants: minimum 4, maximum 6
  • Price: Per seat

For more information and price, contact your CS Manager or Sales Rep, or get in contact with us via our contact form .

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Teneo Web Chat 3.7.6

January 17th 2023, 2:29:06 pm

Teneo Teams Connector

January 16th 2023, 9:23:07 am

We gladly announce a new connector to Teneo: the Microsoft Teams Connector.

This connector connects Microsoft Teams to a Teneo-built Virtual Assistant (VA) so the Teams messenger acts as a frontend to the Teneo engine (the VA backend). This way, users can chat via Teams with a Teneo engine instead of a real person. One instance of this connector can serve multiple users talking to one published Teneo engine simultaneously.

Check out the full documentation that guides you to our GitHub repository for the source code.
Teams - Resource page | Teneo Developers

Teams Teneo Connector

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Webinar: Future-proof your Digital Contact Center Strategy

November 30th 2022, 9:28:51 am

One of the first lessons managers learn is to always to prepare for the worst but hope for the best, one that now becomes extremely relevant for businesses as the perfect storm seems to be brewing; most economists agree that the world is in store for a major recession next year, countries are getting laws passed to protect customers against waiting times and most businesses have not fully recovered yet from the Covid pandemic chaos.

It is hard to improve and plan when you are in panic mode, so… are you using your time and money wisely to get your business prepared for the next unexpected event? Is your company at risk to fail your customers’ expectations? Join our webinar to understand how Conversational AI is helping businesses to future proof their digital contact centers today and do more with less as we enter uncertain times.

Learn from our speakers:

  • Per Ottosson - CEO, Artificial Solutions
  • Johan Åsberg - ISV Partner Sales & Marketplace Lead, Microsoft
  • Steve Morrell - Managing Director, ContactBabel

Register now to watch live or on-demand! This will take place on December 7th 2022, 4:00pm CET.

Click here Future-proof your Digital Contact Center Strategy to register for the webinar.

Future-proof your Digital Contact Center Strategy

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Introduction to Teneo 7.1 | Recording now available

November 28th 2022, 11:02:23 am

In this session we will introduce the new features in Teneo 7.1 – and you are invited!

Register here to join the session.

If you want to come prepared you can have a look at the release notes:

You can also have a look at our guide: Experience Teneo 7

We hope to see you there!

*If you are not able to join, don’t worry – you can watch the recording here: Spill the ‘T’ - Episode 7: Discover What’s New with Teneo 7.1 - YouTube


Britta Guldmann
Conversational AI Specialist at Artificial Solutions

Click on this link to register for the free session.

Teneo 7.1

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Office Hours: Voicebots & Teneo

November 28th 2022, 10:56:05 am

Introducing voice in your conversational strategy can be very challenging: not only from a technical perspective but also as a user experience approach. With teneo you can approach this strategy in different ways, managing to expand your project towards multimodality.

In this session we will discuss the pros and cons of the different strategies and explore the different features that can be used used when building your voicebot with Teneo.

About the Office Hours
Office Hours are an opportunity for everybody who is working with or learning about Teneo to connect with one of our Teneo experts to ask questions, consolidate their knowledge about Teneo and connect with the community of Teneo Developers.
The sessions start with a short introduction to the topic of the day followed by an open talk among all participants.
The sessions are dynamic and interactive, so bring your questions and join the discussion!


Sofia Hernansanz
Conversationa AI Specialist at Artificial Solutions

Click on this link to register for the free session.

voicebots and Teneo

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