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Conversational Language Understanding

Integrating Conversational Language Understanding (CLU) with Teneo allows you to combine the NLU-power of Conversational Language Understanding with the conversational power of Teneo. This page will show you how to integrate your Conversational Language Understanding project with Teneo, in order to make the most of the functionality that comes with Conversational Language Understanding in Teneo.


To get a quick tour around CLU to Teneo, check out the following guide:

For information on using CLU to localize your Teneo Solution see the following pages:

A journey optimized for Microsoft Azure

Teneo for Microsoft Azure offers developers a large collection of integrations to the Microsoft ecosystem. These integrations are individually built and optimized to scale across the Azure infrastructure and are ready to be used in just a few clicks. Available integrations include:

Why Conversational Language Understanding?

Teneo’s Coversational IDE and Runtime integrates with Conversational Language Understanding (CLU), allowing businesses to build bots and maximize their resources through rapid prototyping, fast implementation times, increased functionality, and greater scalability.

An example of a human assistant bot could help staff improve customer engagements by triaging customer queries and assigning them to the appropriate support engineer. In such a bot, the NLU integrations are handled from Conversational Language Understanding, and the structure of the flow is built on Teneo.

Native integration

The latest version of Teneo brings Microsoft's Conversational Language Understanding (CLU) even closer to Studio developers with the possibility to create and maintain CLU intent models directly in Teneo Studio. This native integration makes the entire bot building process run much more smoothly and gives more control to developer.

Fast Development

Whether you are planning an ambitious bot project or just want to quickly build your first prototype, Integrating Conversational Language Understanding with Teneo increases your productivity and accelerates development up to 2x faster than traditional development practices.

Comprehensive Tools

Integrating Conversational Language Understanding (CLU) with Teneo provides one of the most powerful development toolsets in the market to easily build, maintain, and grow enterprise-grade bots, no matter the extension of your project. You have full control of the development process and the tools.

Highly Scalable Solutions

Reuse the knowledge you build when integrating Conversational Language Understanding (CLU) with Teneo across business cases. Our SaaS-based offering makes it easier for you to start small, and then scale your solutions for high volumes and across multiple channels and languages.